July Update

Greetings from hot and sticky Austin, Texas

In the middle of June, I spent a couple of weeks in Europe, where it was quite pleasant. It never got into the 90s. We walked almost everywhere. I’ve tried to maintain that strategy since returning, only to find that there’s a reason people drive everywhere in Texas. This is after walking for 15 minutes just after lunch on Saturday. It had rained a few hours earlier, but it was already 94 and still climbing at that point in the day.

Also since returning, I’ve been working out some post performance details. Currently, the audio is down while I am working to move the weather station to its new home. Assuming I can work out all of the details, the station will soon live at Emma Long Park and hosted by Camp Fire of Central Texas. They’re a really great organization dedicated to fostering an appreciation for the outdoors through after school programs and camps. I’ll post again when everything’s sorted out with that.

I’ve also made this little gadget. It’s a very simple indoor weather station that lets people note the temperature and humidity of their space. It’s using reclaimed parts from Austin Creative Reuse. This is for a backer who contributed at the highest level. I’m also thinking about how I could expand this idea into a larger contraption.

Finally, I’m still working on editing the recordings from June 3rd. That’s the last piece that needs to finalized for backers. You will all be e-mailed those when they are done. Hopefully that will be sometime this week. Thank you all for your patience, and I will be in touch soon!

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